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Uniting Church Ministries

The serving ministries of the Uniting Church.

The Uniting Church in Australia believes that all people are made in the image of God and as such, we should accept every individual regardless of race, age, creed or gender. As a Christian community, we believe that God reaches out to us in love and acceptance and that our relationships with each other should express love and respect and not be abused. As a community of faith, we are committed to providing a place in society where human beings can explore what it means to be made in the image of God.

As an expression of this commitment, the Uniting Church in Australia recognises the responsibility to provide worshipping and pastoral communities that are free from abuse and safe environments for all people to explore and express their faith in the Gospel.

Ministers of the Word

The Minister of the Word is an ordained ministry within the Uniting Church, which sits alongside the Minister of Deacon. Ministers of the Word serve the church in a variety of ways and give leadership to congregations in diverse settings. They also provide pastoral, missional and educational leadership in church agencies. 

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Ministry of Deacon

Deacons provide care and compassion for the poor and oppressed and seek social justice for all. They are called to offer leadership amongst the people of the Uniting Church in a ministry of service to the world.

Deacons are called to the ministry of loving service who are recognised by the church as having the gifts and graces essential for this ministry, who has undertake the necessary theological education for the ministry and has been set apart by ordination for the ministry as a Deacon.

Diaconal ministry takes Christ as the model: the humble servant who washes feet, the one who preaches good news to the poor, proclaims freedom to prisoners, sight for the blind, releases the oppressed and proclaims the year of the Lord’s favour.

All Christians are called to this ministry of service. Those who are Deacons of the Uniting Church are to embody this ministry in their life and work and are to equip and enable the diaconal ministry of all church members. 

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Ministry of Pastor

The Ministry of Pastor is an opportunity for lay people to serve the Uniting Church in pastoral ministry in a variety of ways. Pastors undertake a range of tasks including: teaching the beliefs and practices of the Uniting Church, pastoral oversight of members, groups and evangelism or service. 

Pastors are accountable to the Uniting Church for the exercise of their ministry. They are supported by the Uniting Church and serve as it's representative.

To become a Pastor a person must have been a confirmed member of the Uniting Church or a member of an organisation in association with Uniting Church Australia, for 12 months prior to their appointment. 

Pastors are encouraged to undertake studies in theDiploma of Ministry or Cert IV in Christian Life and Ministry.

A person can become a Pastor by applying for a position advertised by the church. Positions can be full-time or part-time and may be salaried or voluntary

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Lay Preacher

The ministry of Lay Preacher is a specified lay ministry within the Uniting Church. Lay Preachers read the Scriptures, lead prayers, share faith stories and conduct other aspects of congregational worship. 

To become a Lay Preacher a person must become a candidate for this ministry and undertake prescribed studies and supervised practical experience.

Studies in lay preaching ground students in the Bible and Christian teachings. It also increases their understanding and skills in worship leadership and preaching. 

The study requirements for lay preachers are part of the Certificate IV in Christian Life and Ministry course offered by Uniting College.

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Children and Youth Ministry

People of all ages serve in youth and children’s ministry. Some are employed full-time or part-time, while others work in a voluntary capacity. They work in congregations, as school chaplains and with church agencies. This lay ministry can come within the specified ministry of Pastor. 

One way to become involved with children and youth ministry is to study a Diploma of Ministry, with specialisation in Children, Youth and Family.

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