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Aged Care Chaplaincy

For those with passion to care and serve in aged care facilities.

An eight unit course combining studies in theology and practical pastoral skills to prepare you for chaplaincy in aged care facilities. Supported by a Chaplaincy Coordinator.

Core units

These units are compulsory study:

  • Reading cultures
  • Introduction to Christian Leadership
  • Introduction to formation for ministry
  • Spirituality for 21st century disciples


You must choose one of the following:

  • Introducing the scriptures
  • Interpreting the Old Testament
  • Interpreting the New Testament

Upper level electives

You must choose three of the following:

  • The caring practices of the church
  • Supervised field education 1
  • Guided study in pastoral care A/aged care focus
  • Liturgy and worship
  • Theology and practice of chaplaincy
  • Formation for Christian leadership
  • Interpreting the scriptures

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picture of michael“Each day I learn from, and am blessed by others, as I trust that through God's grace I offer to them a blessing in return”, Michael Dowling, Chaplain at Eldercare.

brochure To download the brochure for this course click here.

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