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Vocational Education & Training Courses (Through ACD)

Our courses in Christian Life and Ministry will help you deepen your relationship with God, grow spiritually and equip you for the adventure of Christian life and ministry.

It will help you:

  • Develop in your own discipleship journey
  • In understanding and applying the Bible to your life
  • Equip you with skills and competency to engage in ministry
  • Grow in your leadership

This course includes subjects that assist lay preachers and pastors to gain the necessary qualifications for these roles within the Uniting Church. 


Want to enrol for 2017?

Exciting news for Semester 2, 2017! Face-to-face subjects will be offered! We call it "College in the Community". From 25 July you will be abe to attend some of the classes at a church near you!

Check out what's on offer in each region:

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What to expect

The Certificate IV Christian Life and Ministry is ideal for people wanting to deepen their learning and grow as a Christian leader. It is required study for people wishing to become Lay Preachers in the Uniting Church. This is an Adelaide College of Divinity accredited course (RTO 4863) and runs for 18 months, with an option to study part-time. It is generally delivered via distance learning. However, from Semester 2 in 2017 some of the subjects will be available in a face-to-face format.

You will need to complete 13 units (8 core and 5 electives). Here is a description of the units:

Core units

  • Christian Scriptures (Biblical genres and principles of interpretation)
  • Christian Life (Develop personal practices of spirituality and encouraging it in others)
  • Christian Beliefs (and applying them to life and ministry)
  • Culturally appropriate mission (Evangelism in Australia)
  • Gospels (and communicating there relevance today)
  • Ministry Practice (Prepare, conduct and review lay ministry/leadership)
  • Communication Skills (to build relationships)
  • Plan and Conduct Group Activities


Electives are offered in many areas of ministry to enable you to tailor your studies to suit your interests. The ones listed here are but a few that we would recommend. Please refer to the Adelaide College of Divinity Handbook for details.

  • Christology (describing our faith and living as people of Christ)
  • Make a presentation (Preaching)
  • Christian Heritage (Brief church history and history of the Uniting Church)
  • Worship
  • Godly Play 
  • Psalms (and communicating its relevance today)



Teaching is provided through the Uniting College of Leadership and Theology and the completed award is issued by Adelaide College of Divinity.

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Each unit is charged at $430. 



RH White Scholarships provide full or part fee scholarships for students planning to undertake the Certificate IV in Christian Life & Ministry course who require financial assistance in the payment of fees. RH White Scholarships may also be considered for students that are undertaking studies and undergraduate or post graduate courses who are not eligible for Fee Help.

In 2017 we are also offering- 1st subject free

Click here for scholarship application form


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

If you have completed relevant previous study you may apply for a credit transfer.
RPL can also be granted based on relevant life experience.

Download the RPL document

Download the course outline (here) for more details OR Contact the VET coordinator 

Becoming a Lay Preacher

Lay Preachers read the Scriptures, lead prayers, share faith stories and conduct other aspects of congregational worship in the Uniting Church. Lay Preacher candidates undertake prescribed studies and gain supervised practical experience before being appointed by the Uniting Church.

*Please check with your Presbytery for specific requirements.



Jessie Sanders

Course Coordinator">
8416 8421



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