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img of Mary
Mary-Grace Bingham

Each Sunday Mary-Grace Bingham spends many hours driving across South Australia’s mid-north to lead worship in small stone churches as old as the towns she visits. Read more

img of Josh
Josh Scherer 

As a police officer on general patrol, Josh Scherer was used to responding to calls. But a call from Rev Naomi Duke, Minister of the Word at the Parafield Gardens Uniting Church, set his life on a different course. Read more

img of Sarah
Sarah Agnew

After much biblical study (including all three levels of both biblical languages and honours in Old Testament), and formation for ordination completed, our creative woman of God, storyteller–poet–minister, now teaches at the college that helped to shape her. Read more

img of Marion
Marion Bowes-Johnston
The role of Hospital Chaplain and Pastoral Carer is a unique one because it is a role of self-giving and it occupies a privileged place in both the church and community, as well as in the hearts and minds of individuals. Read more
img of Carmel
Carmel Briggs

The course offered a depth of story-telling by people in various ministries that affirmed, enriched and inspired me in my role as College Chaplain.

img of Susan
Susan Doughty

I have experienced friendship, caring and nurturing here that gives me life. Read more

img of Michael
Michael Dowling

When I commenced my path to ordained ministry, I had no idea that path would lead through a God-graced confluence of circumstances to Aged Care Chaplaincy. Read more

img of Nick
Nick Patselis

Uniting College has always been interested in the place where learning and life overlap. Read more

img of Karen
Karen Paull

I stand amazed at the aptness and timeliness of the opportunities that God opened to me as I pursued my studies these last four and a half years at Uniting College. Read more

img of Jo-Anne
Jo-anne Smallbil

My journey into this type of ministry has been very interesting. After telling God during my Period of Discernment “there was no way I was going to study full time”, I found myself beginning my Bachelor of Ministry Degree at  Uniting College in February 2011. Never tell God your plans! Read more

img of Nathan
Nathan Whillas

Being Youth Pastor was a great privilege and a very rewarding vocation. Read more

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