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Peter Riggs

When I reflect on my early church memories I consider myself most fortunate. As a five year old, amongst smiling faces singing Kum ba yah, I remember the unveiling of the new Uniting church symbol as I sat with my family in what became Murray Bridge Uniting.

Maybe like a beacon, a call on my life was already being announced. We moved to Aldgate Uniting the year following, and here food, community and the full involvement of kids in the life of the church were to become formative experiences for me. With a love developing for science, I remember deciding as a teen that the role of a minister was not one I could do, for I could not fathom how you could possibly have something to say each and every it seemed in the mid eighties that brown suits were the fashion. Graciously, God was undeterred..

A moment with Arthur Jackson, during a men's breakfast launched me into a life of faith. It was then I was challenged by what it meant to believe, and with the great encouragement of Brian Zeitz, who endured many spontaneous drop in moments, I knew that Jesus was taking over my life.

A breakfast at University where I heard of the ministry of Scripture Union was pivotal.  I took on a role as a leader of my first youth camp.  It was on one such camp that God spoke as clearly as any moment in my life and I knew I was to  minister amongst young people, leading to 12 years in school chaplaincy in state and private school settings. During these years I began a bachelor of ministry privately, with a growing sense that any profession other than full time ministry just didn't go far enough.  There was simply nothing else I wanted to do. Full time ministry roles at PAC and Seeds Uniting Church meant that my study career which began in 1995, would  cultimate  in satisfying ordination requirements in 2011, much to the delight of my family, and a tribute to the Grace of God and perseverance of the saints.

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