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Nathan Whillas

I first heard the call to ministry at the age of ten in response to a Junior Easter Camp.

This sense that God was calling me to ministry had been with me then for a very long time and grew during high school, university and as a teacher.  During high school I was challenged to share my faith with my friends more intentionally, but found that my understanding lacked depth.  So in a quest to discover what Christianity was on about I read the Bible from cover to cover.  It was through this that I came to understand God's grace through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as a free gift for all, including me.  From here I have developed a passion for sharing my faith, and engaging people with scripture so that its message may become alive for them.  Hence my call to ministry grew.

Intermittently, however, I felt first called to teaching in its own right but also as a stepping stone to ministry.  It was while I was teaching in Whyalla that God's call to ministry became stronger.  So I decided to test this call that had been part of my life for so long and began my period of discernment.  I did this over two years, and I found it incredibly affirming.  Given the green light at selection I began full time study at the start of 2008.  In 2009 I embarked on youth ministry as Youth Pastor at Parafield Gardens Uniting Church and studied part time.  I feel that through practicing ministry while studying has given me a well rounded formation for ministry and has brought me to this point of ordination.

I now look forward to ministry and further learning in Loxton and Renmark.

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