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Christine Manning

My conversion was within a Christian Community called L'Abri in Switzerland. This community was established by Dr Francis and Edith Schaeffer. I lived there for nearly two years where I studied, worked and lived by faith.Was called to a mission (Presbyterian) in Belfast for a short time where I helped in a community centre where Protestants and Catholics met, ate and fellowshipped in the middle of turmoil.
This is where I knew the call to ministry wherever the Lord sent me.

Returning to Australia as a new Christian and only knowing one Christian couple I began to be part of the large, large family of God. I also began my BTh. First attending an Open Brethren church, then a Baptist church, then Anglican and then Uniting - where I have remained. This really gave me a wider view of the church.

For sixteen years I was also teaching and training leaders in Bible Study Fellowship - an interdenominational bible study. This was also a time of helping begin a mission work in Russia which continues to grow today (20 years later).  Youth working has usually been my job and these last years have been spent among risk taking high school students, teaching teamwork and leadership through sport at the Ice Arena.

Entering into my Period of Discernment as a Community Minister of about 5 years there were many experiences within ministry that confirmed my calling. This time was stretched out as both my parents passed away during that year. It was valuable reflection time and also learning to debrief in ministry.

Been blessed by the many perspectives of lecturers and students as I have studied subjects for Community Minister, then Ministry of Pastor, then Bachelor of Ministry. This still is a very healthy experience as I am continuing to study, be stretched and inspired in ministry as I am now in my placement among the Barossa Uniting Churches.

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