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Amel Manyon

I was born in South Sudan into a Christian family of Episcopal Church of Sudan and grew up attending Sunday school. When I was a teen the war started in Sudan which separated me from my parents, and then was taken by my elder sister.

When I finished my high school in 1983 I did some training and started my first job as a Typist.  In 1986 I married James Tear.  From that day on my journey has been filled with both joy and challenge, as God faithfully guided me through many diverse experiences and helped me understand His presence in everything.

In 1990 I finished my Diploma in Secretarial and office management, and was employed in 1992 as Secretary for Nile Theological College, Khartoum North – Sudan, where my call to ministry continued to develop.

In 1993 God called me to serve God's people as Deaconess in the Presbyterian Church of Sudan. This ministry was a direct result of my experience and my relationship with God, in obeying God's clear call to minister and care for his people.  The major influences that helped me in my discernment journey came through reading the Bible and God's revelation in my life as one of seventeen brothers and sisters,  and the vision I had when God called me out of the crowd and sent me back to them to preach the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ, giving me a significant message to share in Matthew 11:28 "come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."In December  2002, I migrated to Australia with my blessed family, my husband James, our five children and four nieces and nephews.  We joined the Christian community here.  In 2005 I was enrolled in the Lutheran College for theological studies, where the gifts of ministry were enriched for ministry in Australia.

In 2007 my family and I joined the Modbury Uniting church Congregation and became  confirmed members of the Uniting Church.When I first met Rev. David Pill, I spoke to him about the process to full time ordained ministry.  In 2008 I decided to continue my studies at Parkin Wesley College currently the Uniting College for Leadership and Theology. My aim was to be equipped for that ministry, as I believe it was God's will for me.  In the same year I was invited to journey with Rev. Gowan Armstrong and also started my POD in discovering the pathways to becoming a Minister of the Word.

On the 8th. May, 2010 I was accepted as a candidate for ministry of Word.  During my study time I remained in my home congregations, Modbury where I had my Student "SFE" placement, and the Dinka Sudanese Congregation at Maughan Uniting Church.

Reflecting on what was around me I found that the vision I had in 1992 had come to the fulfilment; especially in the recent ministry that I started in Elizabeth North, St. Stephen's Uniting Church with the new South Sudanese faith Community that I feel called to minister to.  While doing all this I recognized the cross cultural ministry that I am in and my ecumenical background that shaped my understanding of God's call in my life as a call into ordained minister in God's Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church (Church of Christ).

Many thanks to my family, Modbury and Dinka Congregation, Rev. T. Goodluck, Rev. G. Armstrong Ron, Ronda, Don and Windy Sinnott, Pat Thomas, my mentor; Margaret and Peter Gunn,  the entire South Sudanese Community, friends, college staff and colleagues.

Thank you for your support, God blesses.

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