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Journey to Ordination

img of Lyn
Lyn Leane 

Since I was a small child, communities of faith have been important in my life. From Victor Harbor, to Leigh Creek, Adelaide and Nepal, and later while serving as International Mission Officer in other parts of Asia and Melanesia, a variety of churches have contributed much to my shaping as a Christian and extended my horizons. 
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img of Albert
Albert Patrizi 

I started my faith journey as a Roman Catholic as both my parents were Italian migrants. My mother was brought up with a strong faith. Due to the devastation surrounding her during the Second World War, she was placed in a convent where she heard the Gospel stories, giving her a future comforted by prayer through the faith and hope that the Nuns had shared with her. 
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img of Nathan
Nathan Whillas

I first heard the call to ministry at the age of ten in response to a Junior Easter Camp. This sense that God was calling me to ministry had been with me then for a very long time and grew during high school, university and as a teacher. During high school I was challenged to share my faith with my friends more intentionally, but found that my understanding lacked depth.  
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img of peter

Peter Riggs

When I reflect on my early church memories I consider myself most fortunate. As a five year old, amongst smiling faces singing Kum ba yah, I remember the unveiling of the new Uniting church symbol as I sat with my family in what became Murray Bridge Uniting. 
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img of Christine

Christine Manning

My conversion was within a Christian Community called L'Abri in Switzerland. This community was established by Dr Francis and Edith Schaeffer. I lived there for nearly two years where I studied, worked and lived by faith.Was called to a mission (Presbyterian) in Belfast for a short time where I helped in a community centre where Protestants and Catholics met, ate and fellowshipped in the middle of turmoil. 
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img of Julia

Julia Pitman

It is now over twenty years since the Rev. Ian Tanner, former Moderator of the Synod of South Australia, 1977-79 and President of the Uniting Church in Australia, 1985-88, suggested that God may be calling me to ordained ministry. Ian was visiting West Lakes United Parish to run a course on Kennon Callahan's book, Twelve Keys for an Effective Church. I was 14 years of age. I had just been baptised into the Church of God. 
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img of Douglas

Douglas Monaghan

I grew up in Scotland outside the church and only started drifting to church with a nagging sense of "this is what you're meant to do" as a teenager. Despite such beginnings I thank God for excellent preaching/teaching of Church of Scotland ministers that sparked an interest in the Divine. My interest was not sufficiently strong to sway me from studying law at University and beginning a career there. 
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img of Nick

Amel Manyon

I was born in South Sudan into a Christian family of Episcopal Church of Sudan and grew up attending Sunday school. When I was a teen the war started in Sudan which separated me from my parents, and then was taken by my elder sister. When I finished my high school in 1983 I did some training and started my first job as a Typist. In 1986 I married James Tear. From that day on my journey has been filled with both joy and challenge, as God faithfully guided me through many diverse experiences and helped me understand His presence in everything. 
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img of Dieter

Dieter Engler

As a 14 year old teenager I first heard about Jesus from a Christian teacher at high school. Jesus Christ Superstar was playing on the radio at that time and I became fascinated by this man who could walk across swimming pools! Interestingly I never doubted God's existence (as soon as I became aware that God was a possibility) but it was Jesus who became my access to God. I have always had the need to satisfy my philosophical questions about life and so straight away I began to form a theology that helped to make sense of an otherwise confusing and meaningless existence. 
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img of Michael

Michael Dowling

My faith journey began in the Roman Catholic Church where, from an early age and doubtless aided and abetted by my Irish heritage, I exhibited a questioning faith. Later I embarked on a career in the scientific area and, during this period of education and employment, my religious questioning continued unabated. By the age of twenty four I'd had more success in asking questions than in obtaining satisfactory answers, and decided to leave the church, going absent without leave for some fifteen years. 
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